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Sculpture: I believe that all work is theme based. That is to say there was a story line or time period which was the starting point. Originally I studied every book I could find in every library I came to. If I was on a business trip or vacation I would find the local library. Now finally mastering the computer and YouTube I can continue my study from home.
Therefore my art work has progress from traditional wood carvings and foundry work to foam and resin. I now use the methods and materials that will bring that to life and meets your goals.
Along the way I have tried and rejected for the most part some materials. Generally I only carve in wood if the finished project is to have a traditional stained finish. I will still occasional work in clay, but more often I have found that I can use various resin putties instead. By continually experimenting I have developed a way to use these modern materials using traditional methods and I do not have to wait for firing and long drying times.

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