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Furniture; While I have built furniture for many years I owe my friend Gregory Stone and Jennie Mc Keogh for pushing me to a higher level. Gregory owned an antique store in West Monroe Louisiana and was a former classmate of mine. He made trips to the northeast United States buying old furniture. At his business Trenton Street Antiques he would do finish stripping and repair before offering the products for sale. Often he needed some of the original carving or missing parts fabricated. This allowed me an excellent insight to what methods worked and which would fail. Jennie was an Interior designer that tracked me down from some architectural elements that I had for sales in a southern Louisiana store. She had lost her furniture maker and I was returning to Ruston LA from my time at Walt Disney World. With my experience from restoring and creating parts for Gregory I was a great fit for Jeannie. This was my first experience working from magazine tear sheets but I developed the skills necessary to keep a constant flow of work going out. Since that time I have mastered the craft and produce stock and custom furniture for many customers including Beau Holland at ADAC and Hedgecock- Creed both located here in Atlanta.

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