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History I am a designer craftsman that specializes in sculptural solutions to design problems. My many years of experience started with a degree in Advertising Design, but I have never stopped being a student of all forms of design and fabrication. Along the way I have been fortunate to have work for Walt Disney World, Springs Window Fashions and several theme design companies. Those experiences with both world class companies and even my own cottage industry, The Woodchuck Carving Company, have taught me how to design and produce products and theme art that meet exacting requirements. I now work in two different areas with equal ease; sculpture and fabrication. The mediums of resin work and wood milling are often used to solve the design problems in both disciplines. So since I have been asked many times how I do what I do let me explain here;
First- Sculpture; I work primarily in foams and resins. The base carving begins from industrial billets of Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) foam. Hot wire cuts come first then I refined the shape and details with razor sharp filet knifes. After making the paper thin slices with the knife, I sand and further refine shapes using resins and epoxy putties. Then more sanding and a final build with a spray of sanding primer. The result is a hard structure similar in construction and finish of a surfboard. Second- Traditional furniture fabrication; I use industrial grade equipment and tools combined with select hardwoods and plywood. In my international travels for the various companies that I have worked for I have been able to continue my education as to the best methods. I believe that an item that has stood the test of time was the result of striving for new and testing new methods. I am sure that the great craftsmen of the past were constantly looking for ways to make better products with as much time savings as possible. As a result I have barrowed from the joinery of museum quality work and combined that the modern glues and fasteners of today. As Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it.”, so let’s dream. I often do research in museum, books and magazines as well on line; I hope most of you do. What I offer you is the ability to use that to solve your dreams. What fellows are the results of my personal work, often for large theme projects when working for those big theme companies I served as a tem member. Credit is taken were due and mentioned as to for whom when permissible.

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