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Would you love to have this Paris dresser? I specialize in this type of work. From a Facebook post I saved this photo, it is a one of a kind, found in the apartment of a very rich lady after her death. This is what I consider a ‘Dream Project”. I would use this photograph and the dimensions set forth by a client as a starting point. The final use of the project would determine my methods. My customer from New Orleans taught me these skills by her walking into shops of Royal Street, borrowing the store owner’s Polaroid camera, and sending the photos to me with a note to build the item.
The way it works; For your personal dressing room, walnut or mahogany would be chosen. I would make patterns for machine carving the basic shapes then produce all the millwork. Next would come all the fitting and blending with hand tools and lots of sanding. Then grain filling, staining and glazing would produce the finished item after about six months of my time. To set the mood in a corner of a restaurant powder room or other theme area I would use bending ply, resins, molds and ‘compo’ combined with faux painting; and maybe 2 months of my time. Visually the results would be the same. The price however is very different. 'If you want to dream, then let’s do it; the subject and use are up to you, the skills, I have got that covered.
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